Splash Out!! Picking the Best Bird Bath

July 16, 2018

Splash Out!! Picking the Best Bird Bath

Other than a good meal, there are still a few things that are more attractive to birds, and that is a safe place to bathe and drink (aside from goats, who doesn’t like a good bath?). Offering your pet birds fresh, clean water in a birdbath is really a great way to encourage your Bird in having a great time splashing in to cool itself. The birdbath you should choose doesn't need to be fancy, but there are a few things to consider if you want your pet birds to have a refreshing and comfortable time bathing.

Comfort Comes First

When choosing the perfect bird bath, always keep the comfort of your pet birds in mind. For example, a narrow rim makes for a more comfortable perch - especially for song birds with tiny talons. The bottom of the water basin should have a bumpy surface rather than one that is smooth and slippery. This can be accomplished by adding some rough rocks or pebbles, sanding the sides with a low-grit file or sandpaper for texture, or by placing a few non-skid stickers to give the birds some extra grip.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Perfect Bird Bath

It can be overwhelming to visit a garden center or pet shop and see the vast selection of different bird baths available. Fortunately, with careful consideration, you can narrow down which bath is best for your birds. When deciding between different bird baths, consider the following:


Small bird baths are easy and convenient, but a larger model can accommodate a greater number of birds without causing territorial conflicts. At the same time, a larger bath can be more challenging to move or clean, though the fact that it will hold more water can also be a benefit.


If you choose a bird bath design you don’t like, you will be less inclined to keep it clean and filled. (You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money in some inadequate Bird Bath). Choose a bath that fits well with your pet’s Bird Cage, your personality and style preferences to ensure that not only your feathery friends will enjoy but also yourself.

Landscape Proportions

Choose a bird bath that not only visually matches the interior your house, but also one that is suitable and proportional in size as well. (A very large, ornate bird bath will seem pretentious and out of place in a tiny yard, while a very small, simple design can be lost in a lush, elaborate garden).

Bird Comfort

The best bird baths are designed with birds in mind. A narrow lip is a more comfortable perch for small birds, and the material of the bath should offer some texture for bird’s teeny little feet to grip. An ideal bath will be 1-2 inches deep, and some models include both shallow and deep areas of the basin to accommodate different birds...


Elaborate bird bath designs with detailed sculptures or delicate mosaics can be more challenging to keep clean and free from damages. Simpler styles, such as concrete bird baths or basic plastic basins, may be the best choice for ease of cleaning and overall durability. Some materials, such as glazed basins or copper bird baths, may stay naturally cleaner.


Whether you choose a hanging bird bath, pedestal model, or other basic design should depend on where you plan to put the bath. A hanging model is not the best choice if you don’t have anyplace safe to hang it from, and a broad pedestal bird bath isn’t a good option for a yard with no suitable level areas.


The Pet owner’s budget can be meager or extravagant, but the most important thing to remember about a bird bath’s cost is that birds don’t read price tags. Choose the best bird bath model you can which your budget can afford and your pet birds will be happy to drink from it, splash or take a quick, refreshing dip.

A Ginormous Bath for a Giant Bird

(Bird Bath for a Biggie Big Bird)

I know that there are quite a number of people out there, who have larger pet birds (such as Parrots, Macaws and Cockatoos, and others the like). And if your pet is one of the birds mentioned above, then you know it can be a really tough task to find a bird bath for them to use inside their cage or even outside.

I bet you're stuck with using pet food dishes (like the ones used for feeding your dogs.. well, if you have any), a spray bottle, or yet just trying to wrangle your pet into the shower or the kitchen sink. The sink is no option, nor is a shower perch. Your pet might tolerate bathing in the kitchen sink, but the question is.. Are they enjoying it? (I bet not).

Consider choosing a bird bath that can be both fitted inside and outside of their cage. Since Parrots are pretty big birds, you should also have a bird bath that is also big enough for them to move, and splash around. After all, they are too cute to be refused with a perfect bird bath.

Where Did you Put the Bird Bath?

(Best Bird Bath Placement)

Of course, Not Where Cats Can Hide.

Just put a bit of common sense to it. You wouldn’t want to put your bird bath in a place where Cats are nearby right? (Your bird might be your little Kitty’s next lunch). Cats like to lie in wait beneath shrubbery bushes or behind a concealing object and then pounce on the birds when they're wet and can't fly well. So put your birdbath at least five to ten feet from such hiding places to give your bird a chance to see the incoming threat. Click here: Unique Bird Baths for more tips on Best Bird Bath Placement.

In view from your Window.

Don't forget to also put yourself in the picture. Place the birdbath where you can see it from indoors, from your desk, dining room, or kitchen sink.Or locate it in your garden. Nothing is more decorative in a garden than your pet bird splashing and enjoying the warmth of the sunny day in the bird bath.

Inside the Bird Cage

Placing the Bird Bath inside your Pet’s Bird Cage is also a wise idea. This will provide your bird easy access in taking a refreshing splash anytime inside their cage. Just remember to always remove it after your bird’s bath. Keeping your Bird’s area always clean is a must for it will avoid unpleasant feather discoloration due to dryness, revitalizes and moisturize their skin and keep diseases away.

Splishy Splash.. Finches in a Splash

(Choosing a Bird Bath for your Little Birds)

Just like other birds, Canaries and finches like to bathe regularly, so it is wise to shop, or buy a bird bath. A simple dish of water may do,and it should be made available to them at least twice a week. Bathing clears dust from feathers, and helps the birds to cool off. They also enjoy splashing around, even if they’re not particularly dusty or hot. If there is no bird bath in their bird cage, your pet finches may attempt to wash themselves in their drinking water - a clear message that you should provide a proper bird bath.

There are many bird baths available in shops and online like aviariesdepot.com.au, from plastic items that clip to the sides of cages, to concrete plinths suitable for outdoor aviaries. The most practical baths for bird cages which clips to the open parts of the cage like the door area, or the space where the food trays sit.


A non-tipping shallow tray will serve just as well, but will cause more splashing. You should also bear in mind that the bath needs to be placed in and removed from the bird cage with ease, so always choose a model that suits your cage setup.

Bird Baths can also be external to the cage, if your Canary is allowed to free flight inside the room. A bowl of water placed on the floor is all you need, possibly on a sheet of newspaper or a towel to soak up the spillage. (You might slip when your floor gets slippery..) Always choose a bowl that will sit securely on the floor, because if it tips or rocks, the Canary will start to panic.

Many Canaries enjoy being sprayed with lukewarm water. Once you have seen your bird happily bathing, and is used to you and your hands near his cage, try spraying him with water using a plant-mister spray. If he spreads his wings, fluffs up his feathers and shakes himself, he’s enjoying it. If he flees from the perch and flaps around the cage, he isn’t having a good time. Some birds take to it straightaway, others seem more averse to being showered.


Start by offering your little birdie a dish to bathe in. Use a bird bath designed specifically for parakeets or other small parrots. Or, you can also get creative and use a saucer instead or any shallow bowl. (A little DIY can be a great help)

Fill the tub or dish about halfway with room temperature or cool water and place it on the bottom of her cage. Or, if she regularly comes out of the cage, set it outside the cage on a towel, as she's likely to splash around a lot.

Set out the bath every few days so she gets used to it, whether she tries it or not. If she tries it once and comes back another day to use it again, she likes it. If not, try another method of bathing.

Some birds who appear not to like bathing, and resist every method you try, but are actually bathing in their water dish. Watch carefully to see if your bird is bathing this way. You may think your bird is just heading down for a drink, but instead, it dips its beak in further and tosses the water back onto her head or body.

They may even dip her whole head in, or even turn around and sit in the dish. When your pet does these things, make sure to empty the water dish and clean it after your bird uses it, and try offering two water dishes. She may get the idea to use one for drinking and one for bathing.

Buddy Budgie takes a Bath

(Well, Budgies needed a bath too. So, yeah..)

Most budgies like to bathe. (Again just like other Birds, and animals..) In the wild a bath clears dust from their feathers and helps them cool off; and although pet birds don’t actually have these daily requirements, they will still enjoy a good splash whenever they can.

If you don’t provide a bird bath in the cage, your pet, most probably do their bathing session in their drinking water bowl, making it dirty and even possibly contaminated with their droppings.

Well, this is an obvious sign that your little feathery friend would love a new set of Bird Bath. There are different shapes and sizes of budgie bath available in your nearby pet shops and online (especially on aviariesdepot.com.au for they have some of the best bird baths available online).

Some have splash-proof sides; some clip handily into the cage door or the space where the food or water tray sits; some even resemble a walk-in showers; and others are just non-tipping shallow trays that could easily be substituted with a small ramekin dish or wide-bottomed bowl. Installing and removing the bath needs to be trouble-free. So, choose a model that suits your bird cage set up.

Baths can also be external to the cage: a bowl of water placed on the floor will often act as a budgie magnet. There will be a good deal of splashing involved, though, and some owners restrict these out-of-cage bathing sessions to bathrooms or kitchens, where the water can be easily mopped up. Visit Bird Bath DIY for more helpful ideas

Always choose a bowl that sits securely on the floor: if it tips or rocks, the bird will panic.

Having the perfect Bird Bath for your Pet Bird can make a big difference to their everyday living. Some of them might not need it regularly, but the thing is, this little act of kindness from you will keep them refreshed and clean in their everyday lives.

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