My Feathered Travel Buddy

July 6, 2018

My Feathered Travel Buddy

Most pet owners consider their companions as part of the family. They would even take them for either short or long vacations, or just a visit to the park. Travelling with pets however, can be a bit tricky. Different types of pets have different needs so you better do your homework on how to prepare your pet for traveling. Dogs and cats are one of the most popular pets in a household and the availability of couriers that cater in transporting them for any kind of travel is huge. But another popular pet that people are keen to care for aside from dogs and cats are birds.

Birds can be difficult to transport, you have to take great care because they can be easily stressed. And when they get stressed out, they tend to be flighty, nervous, and they might jump off their perches. A sudden noise, movement, or distraction is sufficient enough to trigger a flight response. If they get agitated in the middle of transport, it can also cause physical harm to the bird.

So, you have to consider the where and the how of taking your bird pet for travel. Is it going to be through interstate, domestically or even internationally? The big question is, if it’s necessary to bring your pet with you especially when it’s only for a vacation. How long is your vacation?

Please consider the birds’ health and well-being if you travel with them, going to your destination and then coming back. If you feel like your pets can take it, make sure to prepare them well for the journey

Travelling with Buddy…

Nowadays, traveling or transporting through interstate or overseas with your bird need not be stressful. There are many couriers, specialists, and pet transport companies that can ensure your bird’s expedition is safe, uneventful, and hassle-free.

You might want to consider using them especially if it’s going to be a long and tedious trip. Make sure you get a reputable transporting company so you won’t have to worry on how they are handling your bird.

They can even help you process all the necessary legal documents and paperwork needed for your pet’s travel including any quarantine requirements needed (depending on your destination). Most of them have an accredited vet who can also examine your bird prior to the trip.

You might also consider getting a pet insurance to protect your bird from unforeseen circumstances. If you are traveling long distances, it can help you save some veterinary bills and give you peace of mind if your bird met any kind of health emergencies. It is better to be prepared than be sorry later. Besides, this is for your bird’s welfare. For more helpful tips visit here: Pet Travel.

Bird Cage vs Boxes

Well, that’s the big question, how do we transport our feathered friends? What would be the safest means to do it? It would actually depend on where you are taking them and how long it will take to reach your destination.

If it’s only a short distance away, keeping them in their own cage will minimize their stress because they are familiar with the surroundings. Putting in some of their toys will help elevate their emotional state as well and may keep them calm due to familiarity.

For boxes or crates, typically they can be used for longer travel, moving out (interstate) or when transporting your bird overseas. Most boxes are made of plastic or wood, and they can be practical for international travel since your pets will most likely be placed in a cargo hold. If you are thinking that your bird will be uncomfortable in these boxes or crates, they can be. Some birds will not like confined spaces especially if they are unaccustomed to it.

You will need to check if the bird carrier will provide a safe and ventilated environment for your pet. Try training your bird to be acquainted to this new cage, put in some of its favorite bird toys inside, and install some bird perches. After a while, it will no longer be a strange and taxing experience for your bird companion. There are a lot of these cages, toys, and perches available in online pet stores like for your bird needs.

Before planning on any travel, vacation or relocation for your bird, you might need to talk to your vet or a pet transport expert who can advise you on what will be the best mode of shipping or transportation and if your pet can bear the journey.

Preparing for Bird Travel

Planning ahead is a key factor for a stress-free and hassle-free journey for you and your pet. You can create a checklist to organize your schedule and make proper arrangements for your pet. Then if you have chosen a good and reputable pet transport company, you can rest assured that they will take care of the rest of the requirements for you.

Moving or shipping birds is no longer difficult nor expensive. You just need to take time in choosing the right mode for your pet. Some courier can organize a land travel if the destination is not so far and air travel for longer distances most especially for international relocation. Others can give an airport service for you to collect your bird at the airport, or have them send it door to door, and even boarding if necessary. Visit Bird Care for more ideas on how to move with pet birds.

Here is a basic checklist that you may need to take note of prior to your vacation getaway or moving out:

                  If you are planning on taking or handling your own pet for the journey

                  Like driving all the way to your destination and will not use a pet transporting company to do it for you, try to consider the suggestions below:

                      Bird Adjustment Period

                      We have mentioned the steps you might need to consider prior and during your pet’s journey. You might think it is done and that you will only meet at your destination or enjoy a ray of sunshine with your bird if you have traveled together.

                      But you are still halfway there, your feathered friend needs to recoup and adjust to its new surroundings.

                      After arriving at the new location, try to find a quiet and safe place for your bird. As much as possible keep it away from any distractions especially if you are unpacking or rearranging stuff in a new place. You can set up its cage the way it was before the journey and continue to keep its daily routine. Maintain its feeding schedule and give your bird the food it is used to.

                      If you see any signs of stress like excessive plucking of its feathers, biting, screaming, self-mutilation, or decreased appetite, you better see a vet right away because the moving stress might have taken its toll. You might check also: Birds Being… You now.

                      Pet Owner’s Concern

                      Travelling with your bird is a great experience especially when you consider your pet as family. To avoid stressing out as a Pet Owner, it is best to know the appropriate do’s and don’ts when traveling with your pet.

                      You have to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to make it safe for them and the requirements needed to make it happen. It is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 but once you understand what needs to be covered during your vacation or a move out, you won’t have to panic so much.

                      Remember to maintain a calm demeanour at all times because birds are sensitive. They will pick up on your emotional state and when you become anxious, they will start feeling anxious as well. Keep a clear mind and a happy disposition when you are on your own and handling your pet yourself. That is why it is very important to plan ahead.

                      Whether it’s only for a vacation getaway or a permanent relocation, a well-planned escapade will both relieve you, as a pet owner, and your bird from stress and anxiety that come with the chaos of traveling and moving.

                      Overall, you can easily ascertain if you can bring your beloved pet with you by these concerns:

                      Is my Bird fit for Travel? Your bird must be checked health wise by your vet and all its needed treatments up to date. Whether you are going by land, sea, or air, your pet must meet all the necessary requirements.

                      What travel carrier will my Bird need for a safe journey? It must be comfortable and ventilated enough but also safe and secure.

                      Mode of Travel - Arrange a proper vehicle to accommodate your pet, book and comply with sea vessels or air transportation regulations to avoid any delays.

                      How do I prepare my Bird for the journey? We have tackled this above. Create your own checklist so you won’t forget anything. Remember a well-planned getaway will help limit any stress and anxiety.

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