Bird Cage Aesthetics

July 4, 2018

Bird Cage Aesthetics

Bird cages do not only exist for the sole purpose of housing your pet birds at home. Bird lovers can also be creative, use the aesthetics of a bird cage for it to become a decoration, keepsakes holder or accent pieces at home. For years, bird cages have been a masterpiece for decorations and centerpieces at home.

There is something beautiful about adding a bird cage into the decor mix of a room. It feels like informal bohemian vibe, the Victorian Era feel and kind of a steampunk concept too. Depending on the size, shape, and style, they can be funky, modern, vintage, romantic, and even useful.

By this article, I will show you how in so many ways can a bird cage be a special feature of your decorations in your bedroom, office, patios, gardens and any room in the house you think it will look perfect. Check out Home Interior Bird Cage for more bird cage ideas.

How to Get Stylish with Bird Cages?

Room Theme Decor

From small bird cages to large ones, Vintage, modern or sleek designs you can place them anywhere in your room for decor. You can find a designed bird cage, and it would be a great décor piece in itself.

Otherwise, you can put it next to a potted plant or a mirror frame. Also, you can attach them to your wall in any pattern you like and put pictures in it.

You can always use your old bird cages at home or check online store like if you would like to get a new one. The website has bird cages of various shapes and sizes that are best for your taste.

Elegant Lights

If you find light bulbs and flourescents too plain and basic and you want to make your room cozier, you can stuff a bird cage with candles or a strand of string lights. As bird cages come with different colors, you can match the colors and scent of your candles with it.

A birdcage deciphers flawlessly as an improved candle holder, and the mix makes for an eye-catching centerpiece. Place a large column candle inside of the birdcage for a simple look, or place a more slender column candle in the inside and encompass it with votives or tea lights.

But if you prefer a layered impact, arrange a small, embellishing cupcake stand in the center of the birdcage, sizing it so the candle on the top tier is well below the underside of the cage.

Votives, tea lights or other short candlesaround this,weaving beads, faux greenery or other decorative items between.

Always consider safety when redesigning your bird cage with any of these centerpieces, making sure flammable materials or items are in a good distance from the candles’ flames when lit.

Unique Centerpieces

If you want to make a centerpiece arrangement with a touch of your own style, a bird cage can be used as an elegant accessory just like the usual table centerpiece.

Take advantage of the uniqueness of a birdcage centerpiece by equipping it with pieces that are once in a while utilized as a part of a tablescape.

Arrange moss and flowers of different colors on the bottom of the cage and place it along with a few short candles, small flowers or wax fruit. It depends on your liking what you would like to put in the center of the cage.

For dinner parties or gatherings, place a menu on a small tabletop easel and place this inside a larger birdcage. You will be amazed how good it will look on your table. For smaller bird cages, you can place little light fixes on the cage bars with a nice little figurine inside.

Like an angel, fairy or an inanimate bird standing on a perch. Another option as well is arranging decorative eggs inside of a craft nest, filling the cage with lightly scented potpourri or simply leaving the cage as is and weaving strands of faux pearls and other gemstones into it.

Birdcage as Housing for Plants

Birdcages make nice housing for plants. It doesn't matter if if you prefer natural or artificial. It will still look beautiful!

Besides the primary use of bird cages, they can be re - modelled in many different ways, like for instance as a plant keeper. Almost any type of plant can look good in a birdcage, so you have the liberty to put any plant you prefer in that empty birdcage.

But first, make sure that your bird cage is free of any rust. You have to keep that in mind before turning your bird cage into a planter. You can repaint it to as color that matches the color schemes of your garden or patio.

After that make sure to check all the bars of the cage for any damage and tighten any screw, because it will become quite heavy once the soil and plant is placed inside of it. If you like, you can also line the cage with moss or coco liner, to avoid messing the soil and spilling out of the cage.

After that, you can put in slow release fertilizer and water retaining granules in potting mix and fill it in the 1/4 of the birdcage. After this clear space in the soil and place your plant gently in the middle. Once you have done this find the right place to hang or attach the birdcage planter to become the center of attraction in your. Green thumbs that are also creatively talented will surely like this! In addition to your outdoor ornaments, a bird cage can be used as a hanging planter or bohemian decor piece for a nice ambiance! Visit Birdcage Planter diy for more ideas.

Flower Feature

A vase of your favorite flowers can be delightfully showcased inside a birdcage. After that you have set up your birdcage wreath, Place the entire display on the fireplace mantel or a side table for a charming effect. Or, try stashing houseplants or a collection of small terrariums inside like a mini paradise. You can also fill your indoor garden with these and make it a relaxing place to read your favorite book and sip your coffee.

Keepsake Keeper

If you like to collect items such as old books and other antique items the birdcage concept is best for you. You can put a nice display of your collections but also keeping it safe.

You can place it on your bedside table, on top of drawers or cabinets. Birdcages are definitely perfect for antique collectibles!

Holiday and Special Occasion Decorations

For a holiday bash, birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day, anniversary party or any occasion where greeting cards are expected, a birdcage can serve as a fine design. Let your home decor send eerie vibes during Halloween using the Bird Cage and tinkering it with scary pieces popular during Halloween like pumpkins, spider webs, skull etc.

Aside from it being a decoration idea for parties and occasions, you can also send out personalized invitations in a form of a birdcage with the message inside. This idea is mostly popular for weddings or anniversary celebration.

How to Make a Birdcage Chandelier for Halloween?

It's never too soon to begin arranging how you will transform your home into Halloween base camp. Regardless of whether you want to compose a rich sit-down supper or an open-local gathering, this DIY dark birdcage will have all the necessary qualities.

Horrifying yet sophisticated, the birdcage has numerous conceivable outcomes. You can redo it to become a chandelier, flame light or essentially a fascinating showcase for your side table.

It’s relatively easy to find bird cages at bird shop supplies such as Pop in to the shop to see what else you can find.

Now to start, see the list below for all the materials you need to decorate your bird cage for Halloween:

Before starting with the chandelier, Make sure the surface of the cage is smooth by using the sand paper. Then paint your bird cage with the color of your choice using either a paint brush or spray paint.Let it dry and then paint all sides of the wooden plank as well.

After both have dried, Adorn the highest point of the cage with green plant twigs and stems. Place the wooden plank inside through the entryways and include battery-worked tea lights or candles to transform it into a Halloween crystal fixture. For security, don't utilize open fire candles underneath combustible components, for example, the adornments at the highest point of the cage.

To wrap things up, choose where you'd like to put your cage to awe your visitors! One of my most loved things about Halloween is an open door like no other to get innovative and concoct unique thoughts, ensembles and DIYs. How about you? What do you like most about Halloween?

How about a Wedding Card Holder?

Wedding card holders are so easy to make using small bird cages. To make the cage feel somewhat more natural, I suggest fix the base with a layer of greenery/moss. Moss makes the birdcage looks more earthy and unique.

Things you will need:

Steps on How to Do it:

First, trace the cardboard from a cereal box around your birdcage to make the base.

Cut the cardboard out of cereal box, remove the excess, and make sure it fits inside the birdcage perfectly.

Paste the moss on top utilizing the glue gun. You can likewise get rolls of moss that will make this activity a lot easier for you. In any case, they are unquestionably significantly more costly. I don't think it makes a difference. Tip: If you are sticking the moss on top of the cardboard, I suggest using a Post-it or some piece paper to help press the moss securely onto the cardboard. This will help keep your fingers from getting caught in the heated glue while on the process.

Double check for if you missed a spot and cover them with more moss.

Place the moss base inside the birdcage.

Wrap lace/flower garland around the center. Utilize a string about a similar shade of the lace/garland to attach it to the bars. Next, hide the ends of the lace/garland behind the card sign and sew the ends together with a needle and thread. I'm certain you could stick the ends together, or simply leave it as it is, since nobody will notice it.

Make the card sign. You can either print it with a font of your choice or write it using a nice pen/marker. Make sure the writing matched the clors of the lace/garland to make it look uniform.

Cut out the sign and tape it to the index card. You can use two index cards taped together but you probably could get away with just one, or just use other nice paper and cut out any excess.

Lastly, tape the sign to the birdcage. You can also use some yarn to tie it and then tie the sign to the birdcage.

And done! Appreciate your work and admire how nice it looks compared to what it looks like before you remodelled it. Good job! Again, birdcages' usefulness do not limit only to one. You can always be resourceful, creative and imaginative to make your home a nice place to stay with all those bird cage decorations you can make.

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